How to Make Blog Sitelinks Appear In Google Search Engine - Every blog or website wants to be on the top of the google search engine. At least when internet users search for something whose keywords are the same as our post, then our blog appears on the first page of search is the top 10.

What are sitelinks? This sitelink is like a sub menu of article titles searched by internet users. So when your blog appears on search engines then this link attached. Here's an example that I screenshot at the time of registering Google Search Console.

How to get it? to get it or make it really very easy just through webmaster search console. But unfortunately at this time, google remove the menu from the dashboard.

But if you want to get it automatically from the google of course your blog must be qualified. Have interesting or unique articles and good traffic.

In addition, using a TLD (Top Level Domains) domain such as this blog also affects to get sitelinks in the future. But not close the possibility for free domain bloggers get it.

Do not forget also always consistent make the article can 3 days 1 post or 1 week 1 post. It's up to you what you want.

Good luck.

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