A Simple Way To Create An Indexed Article After Changing Domains

howcorner.com - One way our articles can be found and read by visitors is through google search engine. previously maybe your article all have been indexed. But someday you change your website address or use a new domain. Suddenly the article becomes un indexed. Of course this makes you panic and confused, because maybe you already have very many visitors. Therefore, how to make the article re-indexed in google quickly after changing the domain?

Many people who write articles how to get the article back as before, one of them is by re-submit sitemap on Google Webmaster Tools. This also I have tried, because I also had problems like this. my article as much as 360 article and has been a few days still there is no indexed on google. The status of the sitemap is still waiting.

Well in order to quickly indexed there is actually an easier way and make direct articles instantly indexed in google search engine. This is also part of Google webmaster Tools. But this way as a shortcut. The trick is to visit Crawl Url.

This way I have proved myself. It only takes a few minutes, the articles that I enter directly appear on the google search engine. Good luck.

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