How to Remove Virus from Xiaomi Redmi Note

Removing Virus from Xiaomi Redmi Note
Android is easily infected by viruses unlike its rival, iPhone. Typically these viruses exist that are downloaded automatically, making the memory becomes full very quickly. There is also a virus that makes android be slowed, and other types of viruses are formed like applications that lead to pornography.

Redmi 1 Note

Methods like doing a hard reset will be in vain, because the virus will come back, because the virus is already entered into the system. The method this time we want to is to perform format + flashing. Let's immediately follow the way bellow:

A. Supporting File
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note Firmware 1 that's is still clean from virus
  • Then SP Flash tool to perform flashing
  • Do not forget the driver MediaTek
B. Steps to Remove Virus from Xiaomi Redmi Note
  • Make sure you've installed the driver. Turn off the phone, then run SP flashtool
  • After SP flashtool is open,
  • Select scatter loading. Then navigate to the file scatter contained in the firmware
  • Do format!
  • Select format menu
  • Select auto format, and click start
  • After the formatting is complete, do flashing memlih download menu
  • Let the process run to completion
  • Redmi 1 Note G
  • Logo will appear as shown above.
  • Restart the phone as usual. Guaranteed virus is gone permanently.

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