How to Delete or Erase Gmail Account on Android (Mobile)

How to Delete or Erase Gmail Account on Android (Mobile) - Each time you buy new Android devices will surely be asked to sign in into Google account or having Gmail account. One day when you think it is not needed anymore you want to delete gmail account. This article is the answer for your question where we will ask you how to remove Gmail account from mobile.

Delete Gmail account from Android
Remove Gmail account is easy and simple if later you can pay attention and follow this article carefully. You don't need to use any PC just to delete a Gmail account from your Android phone. Delete gmail account from phone can be done via your phone and don't need to do many steps just to erase or remove it from your Android phone.

There were many question that said "I want to delete my Gmail account",  as you can see we create this article not to delete gmail account permanently but we focus to help you if you just want to delete any Gmail account that has been logged in into your Android phone. There are some statements why Android users want to delete Gmail account from their Android smartphone such as planning to sell it, want to use different Gmail account etc.

How to remove Gmail account from mobile (Android)
  • Open Settings menu on your Android phone.
  • Open Accounts & Syncs menu.
  • Click Google, then select the Gmail account you want to delete.
  • Restart your phone, then once your phone is on you can try to open Play Store, you will be asked to enter your Gmail account (means this article works).
  • Done.

 Delete or Erase Gmail Account on Android (Mobile)

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