Tutorial to Root Oppo Neo 7 without PC

Tutorial to Root Oppo Neo 7 without PC
How to Root Oppo Neo 7 without PC – There many people use this phone, yes Oppo neo 7 is such a cool Android phone made by OPPO company. If you search it on Google, you’ll find many articles relates to this Android phone, such as oppo a33f root mobile, unroot neo 7 oppo, how to root oppo neo 7, oppo tools neo 7 apk,  unroot oppo neo 7 and much more those are related to OPPO Neo 7 A33F / A33W.

We had created some articles to root this phone, but finally there were some people didn’t get the result, so we give you the others. For example and easy tutorial, we would use Oppo tools application and we hope this application give you the best result after all..

How to root OPPO Neo 7 without PC
  • First, this is important thing you should know, you have to enable Unkown Source, it is : go to Settings > Security > Unkwon Source  don’t forget to tick it to enable Unknown Source.
  • Let’s go to the next step, download OppoTools apk v1.6.3
  • Or you can may download and install different version, it is OppoTools v1.6.5 apk just choose which one you want.
  • Once you’ve installed it, you’ll see the picture as shown bellow:
  • There are some logos and words on Oppo Tools application, right?
  • Click Common tab, and start rooting process by clicking ROOT!
  • Once you’ve clicked root, this application wouldn’t root your phone but it asks you to install the other applications, usually it asks you to install Oppo Tools Plugin. Just click Next to continue this process.
  • In this step the installation process will be running, just wait and once the plugin installed on your phone, Open One Key Root application menu then press or tap One Key Root button. It means you need to once again open Oppo Tools application and select Common then tap ROOT again.
  • In this step, your phone should be successfully rooted automatically and it will reboot. If this rooting process complete, you’ll see new application named SuperSU. That application has been installed on your phone.

How to Unroot OPPO Neo 7 without PC
Once you think you want to unroot your OPPO Neo 7, you can just open Oppo Tools application then click Common menu and press Unroot button.
Your OPPO Neo 7 has been unrooted successfully.

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    1. Hello, thanks for leaving comment. For some users they have different result when they root their Oppo 7, here are some reasons:

      1. Different Firmware version
      2. This is not the first time you root your phone.
      3. You didn't follow the instruction correctly and so on.

      Please specify it and try again or you can try it with another methods.Thanks