Root and Unroot Evercoss Winner Y via Kingroot Application (Without PC)

Root and Unroot Evercoss Winner Y via Kingroot Application (Without PC)
How to root Evercoss Wineer Y via Kingroot(Without PC) – In this chance, we will discuss and root Evercoss Winner Y by using a cool application named Kingroot Mobile. Kingroot is an application that made special for rooting process, and this post will give the detail explanation to root Evercoss Winner Y.

Actually there many applications for rooting, such as iRoot, Kingoroot, One Click Root, and much more but that is not a problem if in this post we try Kingroot, and we may create the other articles to root it with different applications.

Some rooting applications sometimes requires PC to execute it, so you need to specify which tutorial and application you want to follow. If you have PC or Computer surely you can follow the tutorial that requires PC, but you may root Evercoss Winner Y by using root applications directly, then if you don’t have any PC you need to follow the tutorial that doesn’t require PC.

How to root Evercoss Wineer Y via Kingroot
  • Make sure you have internet connection to download some applications we provided in this post.
  • Enable Unknown Source it is > go to Settings > Security > Unknown Source.
  • Download and install Kingroot application we’ve provided in this post on your phone!
  • Once the downloading and installation process finish, you will see new application named Kingroot installed on application menu
  • Press Kingroot icon then once it is opened you’ll see the display as shown bellow:
  • Okay good, now it’s time to root your Evercoss Winner Y, just tap or press START ROOT to start rooting process!
  • This takes about 1 – 3 minutes to root your phone, then you’ll see a green sign with (tick logo).
  • That means your phone has been rooted successfully.
  • After that you may restart your phone, and you’ll see Kinguser application has been installed on the application menu.
  • To ensure whether this rooting tutorial is success or not you can download Root Checker application. Install then run it to check it.

How to unroot Evercoss Winner Y
  • Open Kinguser application that has been installed on your device, you can check it on the application menu.
  • Once you open it, click Settings’ icon and select root authorization setting  then select  Remove Root Permissions!

  • Pop up will appear and then select Clear!

  • Unroot is complete, restart your phone!

  • It is done.

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