Installing TWRP via Fastboot for Xiaomi Redmi 3

Installing TWRP via Fastboot for Xiaomi Redmi 3
How to Installing TWRP via Fastboot for Xiaomi Redmi 3 – The important and one of the function for installing TWRP is to recover custom ROM. Usually installing TWRP conducted when we root our Android devices that possible us to hack, or tweak even take full back up on our Android devices such as flashing ROM etc.

By reading this article, we guess you understand all the consequence such what recovery is, the difference between TWRP and CWM and so on. In this post we’re going to focus to guide you how to install TWRP on Xiaomi Redmi 3 via Fastboot Mode.

How to install TWRP via Fastboot on Xiaomi Redmi 3
  • Make sure your phone has unlocked bootloader.
  • Download TWRP for Xiaomi Redmi 3 in this post we’ve provided for you, then extract that file on your PC.
  • Turn off your phone, then go to Fastboot Mode it is by pressing volume down and power button and after that connect your phone to PC via USB cable.
  • Open the folder where TWRP file has been extracted, then open  .bat file that has Chinese language or strange words.
  • CMD window will appear, and you’ll see strange characters. Press Enter to continue this process.

  • Select number 1 for flashing permanently or number 4 for flashing temporarily. Press Enter, then CMD window will close itself and your phone will restart automatically.

  • In this part, you can set the language, an example if you want to change it to English language, then select on the main menu TWRP, then click globe picture, set it to English.

  • All works good, exit TWRP and swipe to the right and there is warning notification.
  • Done, you’ve successfully install TWRP via fastboot on your Xiaomi Redmi 3.

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