Root SONY Xperia Z3 Less Than a Minute

Root SONY Xperia Z3 Less Than a Minute
How to root SONY Xperia Z3 with the Fastest Way – For those, Android users who like to unlocking their Android devices means they would get great advantages and unlimited access to internal system and much more. Root Xperia Z3 has many methods, and as you know there are some types of this smartphone they are with different region version, different type such SONY Xperia Z3 and SONY Xperia Z3 Compact.

Rooting Xperia Z3 or rooting SONY Xperia Z3 are easy enough, as in our case you just need to flash a root exploit application and your phone will be rooted well. In addition, flashing process can be completed only by using a custom recovery image, but for those who do not need to use 3rd applications in order to root your Xperia Z3. Hmm we think we are too far discussing about SONY Xperia Z3 because you just want to root it, okay let’s root Xperia Z3 less than a minute with our tutorial. Read and follow the instruction below carefully:

How to root SONY Xperia Z3 via Exploit application
  • Download root Exploit! We’ve provided it in this article
  • Save the file on your PC or computer, place it on desktop without unzipping anything for that file.
  • Connect your Xperia Z3 to PC via USB cable!
  • Then transfer root file from desktop (computer), to your phone – you must remember that path.
  • Now unplug USB cable from your phone, and turn off your phone!
  • From recovery mode select installzip from SD Card followed by “choose zip from SD card”
  • Pick the root file and flash the same.
  • On recovery menu, select “reboot system now”! and done.
  • If your phone stuck in a boot loop, you can return to recovery (use the same guide fro reaching the recovery menu) and select wipe data factory reset and wipe cache partition. Surely don’t forget to “reboot system now”!
  • Done, that’s the fastest way to root SONY Xperia Z3

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