Root OPPO R9 with Fastest Way (Work 100%)

Root OPPO R9 with Fastest Way (Work 100%)
How to root OPPO R9 / OPPO R9 Plus in 5 minutes – You’re visiting this blog, it means you are looking for an article to root OPPO R9 or root OPPO R9 Plus. Yup, this article is special for those who use OPPO R9 and ready to root their phone. OPPO R9 is a device and rooting your android phone is the only way to unlock its system so you can modify and taste the system freely without any limit.

You may ever read many articles related to rooting tutorial to root OPPO R9 or the other devices, but some of them require PC, have more time etc. In this article we would like to guide you to root your OPPO R9 easily in just 5 minutes.

There are some reasons Android users root their phone, but one of the most reliable is because it is cool to tell to your friend that you can root your Android device. But if you want to know, rooting your Android device gives you many functions as we’ve told you above it is ‘’unlock your Android system.”

Download files
For those who have tried the tutorial but doesn’t get the result, you need to try different application to handle it. Here is the different way to root OPPO R9 without PC easier: Root OPPO R9 via Kingo Root Application 
How to root OPPO R9 or OPPO R9 Plus
  • Download file we’ve provided in this article! (Poot Debug W100)
  • Install and launch that application! Then wait for just a few moments to finish installation process
  • Open the application once it is installed on your phone!
  • Once you open it, you will see a notification that asks you to install Ministro application just tap or press OK!
  • It takes you to Google Play Store, install Ministro II application!
  • Poot application wants you to download one more thing, it gives you more notification “Poot needs extra libraries to run. Do you want to download them now?.” Just tap and press OK!
  • This action will extract SSL root certificates and downloading process will begin automatically. Just wait for a few moments
  • Once download is finished. Now your phone will show a window and give you two options. Tap “Press here to poot.”
  • After that tap “get super user”. This action will redirect your display to Google Play Store. Install Superuser application. If it is already installed on your phone, do not open it. Just push and go back to Poot application
  • Now tap “Get root check” this will direct you to the Google Play Store again. Install Root checker application. This application is good for your phone, it can check whether your rooting process is successful or not.
  • Open Root checker application, click “Verify Root access.” Tap it and it will work
  • In this step your phone must be rooted successfully if you see a notification that says “Congratulations …..”
  • Done, you’ve rooted your phone successfully. You can check it whether it is rooted or not via Root checker

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5 Tanggapan untuk "Root OPPO R9 with Fastest Way (Work 100%)"

  1. hi it seems i cant root it with the method

  2. using 0ppo r9 plus aka x9079 for info . It says that error code 18.

    1. Based on the experience, we didn't have same problem. We will try to find out the answer. Thanks for comment.

  3. Still cant get it to work with oppo r9 plus..

    1. Hello there, we guess we've different version operating system, phone version etc so we faced different result. We suggest you to root by using different application and tutorial. Here is the tutorial where you can try it easier: Thanks