Root & Install CWM Recovery on OPPO Neo R831K

Root & Install CWM Recovery on OPPO Neo R831K
How to root and install CWM OPPO Neo R831 – After we created an article about rooting for OPPO Neo 7 we deliberately create similar topic but with different keyword. This article to help OPPO Neo 3 users who getting trouble to install CWM on their phone. There is something you need to know before you do it, it is about its meaning or definition then the last important thing is advantage and disadvantage. CWM R831K or mostly people and Android users call it CWM R831 for OPPO Neo 3 R831, CWM is a word to shorten a sentence, it has full word “ClockWorkMod”.

There are many OPPO Neo 3 users want to install CWM on their phone and it depends on what their reasons because each users have different business. Not just install CWM, root is a mandatory thing for an Android user if they want to taste something different or can’t be limited by its software.

Install CWM OPPO R831K and root have many advantages and functions such as you can get free access to modify your phone, install Custom ROM and much more we can’t type in this article. R831 CWM Recovery or OPPO R831 CWM have clear explanation if you want to pay attention and follow the instruction below. Let’s root and install CWM on OPPO Neo 3 easily without PC:

Download Files:

How to root OPPO Neo 3 R831
  • Download and install Root_Master_1.3.6.apk we have provided in this article
  • Open and install it!, and then launch the application!
  • After that select an option to start root process Start Root!
  • Select Root!, and wait until root process is completed. Just wait for a few minutes
  • Select Cancel or Discard on the right box (with purple color)
  • Wait until the process is completed
  • Install SuperSU application! > Open SuperSU application!
  • There will a notification to update binary tap Continue and then select Normal!
  • There will a notification again, select Accept! And then restart your phone
  • Finish Your phone has been rooted successfully

How to install CWM (ClockWordMod) on OPPO Neo 3 R831K
  • Download CWM recovery we’ve provided in this article
  • Copy CWM recovery to External Memory or External SD, do not put it inside any folder!
  • Download and install Mobile Uncle we’ve provided in the link
  • Open Mobile Uncle Tool!
  • Select Recovery Update option and then select CWM Recovery OPPO Neo 3
  • And then Flash! If there will appear a display just tap OK!
  • After reboot there will automatically go to CWM Mode (ClockWordMod)
  • Finish

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