Install Recovery without Unlock Bootloader on SONY Xperia Z1

Install Recovery without Unlock Bootloader on SONY Xperia Z1
How to install Recovery without Unlock Bootloader on SONY Xperia Z1 – This article is for those who want to install Recovery but still scared to unlock Bootloader causes their Xperia Z1 getting brick, stuck on logo, hardbrick or hang. Each Android users have their reason to install Recovery on their Android devices, we hope you understand Recovery definition and why you want to install Recovery mode on your Xperia Z1.

Download Files:

Recovery Mode on Xperia Z1 can help you to recovery all data and file which are saved on your Xperia Z1. This is usually done because you want to root, flash or install ROM so you don’t lose your data and file. Install Recovery on Xperia Z1 gives you many the advantages and you don’t need to be worried in the future if you want to mess up or modified your phone. Install recovery Xperia Z1 4.4.4, this is the best firmware that is good for this tutorial because it requires your firmware with operating system on KitKat version.

  • KitKat or up
  • PC
How to install Recovery on SONY Xperia Z1:
  • Download the file we have provided
  • Extract the file
  • There is install.bat file, click right mouse and run as administrator
  • Don’t forget to enable USB Debugging Mode on your phone
  • Plug USB to your phone when display is on
  • Install.bat on PC, select 1 and press Enter
  • Follow the installation process, if it is successful reboot (if it takes rather old, just wait). According to our experience this takes about 3 minutes and then go to Recovery Mode
  • Install Recovery Reboot application from Play Store. This is really worth to help you go to Recovery Mode without pressing volume and power button

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