How to Root and Unroot OPPO Neo 7A33W / A33F

How to Root and Unroot OPPO Neo 7A33W / A33F
Root OPPO Neo 7 Without PC or Computer – Hello everybody, today would like to share an article about root OPPO Neo 7 2016 it is how to root and unroot OPPO Neo 7 A33W / A33F. This may becomes the best method for you if you think you can root your phone but can’t unroot it because there is little explanation on Google that explained about this.

If you are AnyIndo lovers you knew that we had created some articles related to this title because some methods didn’t work to root OPPO Neo 7. That wasn’t because our tutorial is bad, but each OPPO Neo 7 has different reasons, such as you have upgraded it, you installed custom ROM, there is something error on your OPPO Neo 7 caused you installed error applications and much more. Therefore, today we are trying to guide you with different method to root A33W and root A33F.

Root OPPO Neo 7 A33F or A33W is not that difficult, but you have to specify its firmware, ROM, and OS version so we can help you to execute it easier. Root OPPO Neo 7 xda has a lot of results because this website is the place where you can sharing your Android problems and answer the question according your experience, but in this moment let us help you to root and unroot your phone with simple tutorial.

  • OPPO tools only works on Colors OS

How to root and unroot OPPO Neo 7 A33W and A33F
  • Enable Unknown Sources: Settings > Security > Unknown Sources (Tick)
  • Download OPPO Tools application we’ve provided in this article. Download it on your phone.
  • Open and launch the application
  • Once open, click COMMON tab and then click ROOT
  • After this you will be asked to install OPPO Tolls Plugin. Click Next!
  • Installation process is running
  • After OPPO Tools Plugin installed on your phone, open One Key Root menu and press One Key Root button (Re-open OPPO Tools, select COMMON and press Root again)
  • Until in this step, If what you’ve done is successful, your OPPO Neo 7 wild automatically reboot and after it is back to menu you will see SuperSU application installed on the homescreen

How to unroot OPPO Neo 7 A33W and A33F
  • Open OPPO Tools application
  • Go to COMMON menu and press Un Root button
  • Your OPPO Neo 7 has been unrooted successfully

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