Fix, Solve and Overcome Blank Screen for Lenovo A6000 / A6000 Plus

Fix, Solve and Overcome Blank Screen for Lenovo A6000
How to fix, solve and overcome blank screen for Lenovo A6000 / A6000 Plus - Lots of Android users complained that their phones getting slow and sometimes seems appear with blank display, and even suddenly hangs. All brand based on Android, Windows Phone, etc. must have experienced this. This would make the user feel irritated. Before blaming the manufacturer of your Smartphone, you better read how to fix your Lenovo A6000 / Lenovo A6000 Plus which are often hang or appear with blank screen with this article.

The reasons your Lenovo A6000 / A6000 Plus experiences blank screen
Before discovering how to fix Smarphone often hangs, you should know why your Lenovo A6000 gets black screen problem often hangs.Firstly, this is due to user error itself. Users may not be aware of the specifications of its smartphones. In addition, many users who often impose some heavy application for its smartphones without knowing its RAM capacity. If this happens to you, you should check the speed of your processor and how big your RAM capacity.

Second, you may often find the message that says "out of memory" on your smartphone screen while running the application. Based on our experience, you better uninstall some of the applications that are not important to keep your smartphone's internal memory stays safe and throw out Lenovo A6000 blank screen.

How to fix and solve blank screen or black display on Lenovo A6000 / A6000 Plus

Stop running many applications at one time
When the phone is forced to run multiple applications simultaneously, then the smartphone will automatically have a hang. Be sure to not use a lot of concurrent applications or use the applications one by one to prevent hot handset and eventually error.

Install applications on external memory
One of the big mistakes made by many people is that they install the application on internal memory, not the external memory, it can also cause hangs on the device. In general, all applications, videos, images must be stored in a memory card (SD card) outside the internal memory to make it runs smoothly.

Boost RAM periodically
If your phone's RAM is full, the phone can certainly susceptible to interference from time to time. Be sure to remove unnecessary applications, such as photos or video of internal memory and don't forget to boost its RAM periodically.

Keep the external memory is not full
Make a full external memory can also cause the phone becomes error. If your external memory will be full, it is advisable to transfer data to a computer or laptop soon.

Install Antivirus for Smartphones
Viruses that infect smartphones will usually slow down the operating system with ease. It is better if you install antivirus for your Lenovo A6000 / A6000 Plus.

That's all what we can give for you, and we hope this tips can solve hang or black screen on your phone. If this tips can't give any effect on your phone, we suggest you to do the last method it is flashing your phone. You can find and read our article related to how to flash Lenovo A6000 / A6000 Plus.

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