Download and Install CyanogenMod 13 6.0 on Lenovo A6000 / A6000 Plus

Download and Install CyanogenMod 13 6.0 on Lenovo A6000 / A6000 Plus
Howto download and install CyanogenMod 13 6.0 on Lenovo A6000 – There are 2 types of this Lenovo A6000, they are Lenovo A6000 and Lenovo A6000 Plus but in this chance we are going to guide you to download and install CyanogenMod for Lenovo A6000. Someday, when we will be ready, we should create an article related to this for Lenovo A6000 Plus it is CyanogenMod for Lenovo A6000 Plus.

Actually there is no significance difference between Lenovo A6000 and Lenovo A6000 Plus, but to avoid more risk, we better do not give same tutorial for these devices because their types are different.

A good question comes from your mind, Why do we need to install CyanogenMod? Yes,this question is good for those who are still newbie or they may don’t really know the reason. Install CyanogenMod Lenovo or CyanogenMod OS Lenovo A6000 are for those who dare to have something different than usual. Lenovo A6000 got worse after Lenovo gave Lollipop 5.0.2 update. Some of the common issues after you update your Lenovo A6000 were battery drain worse, you got less free RAM, lag when opening more tabs and much more. CyanogenMod comes to help you so you can taste Android Marshmallow 6.0 on your Lenovo A6000 or A6000 Plusthrough Resurrection remix ROM based on Cyanogen 13.

More ROM features and best ROM for your Lenovo A6000
Everything works cool!
Resurrecyion Remix v.5.7.1

Resurrection remix helps you to combine and create performance, customization, new features and much more you’ll get for your Lenovo A6000. 

How to install CyanogenMod 13 6.0 Marshmallow on Lenovo A6000 / A6000 Plus
  • Download ROM and GApps from the links we've porvided in this article! and transfer files on your SD Card.
  • Turn off your phone, it is by pressing volume up + volume down + power button simultaneously! and release your hands after 3 seconds you feel vibration from your phone. At this moment you'll see TWRP Recovery mode.
  • Go to Back up, select system,data, boot and swipe to confirm it!. It starts and creating backup of your phone. 
  • Go to Wipe > Advanced Wipe > Select Wipe cache, Wipe Dalvik cache, Format System,Wipe data.Swipe for Yes! it will take about 10 - 30 seconds to wipe all selected data on your phone.
  • Now go to install, locate ROM you've downloaded and swipe to install ROM file! After ROM flashing process complete, again go to Install & Flash the GApps file!
  • Once everything complete, wipe cache & dalvik cache. Then reboot your phone!
  • In this step, first booting might take about 2 - 3 minutes. Just be patient and don't panic. Setup your Google Account and restore all your applications.
  • Finish.
  • Some users faced WiFi issue after installing this ROM, and you can fix this by flashing WiFi Fix.
  • For downloading the files, select ARM 32 bit! (for Lenovo A6000 / A6000 Plus)

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