Repair and fix IMEI null ASUS Zenfone 5 (Work 100%)

Repair and fix IMEI null ASUS Zenfone 5 (Work 100%)
How to fix null IMEI Zenfone 5 – Hello AnyIndo visitors, today we are going to share an article it is how to overcome and repair null IMEI on ASUS Zenfone 5. This problem faced by many Zenfone 5 users and this problem is kinda annoying thing ever for Android users. Actually Null IMEI Zenfone 5 experienced not the only by ASUS Zenfone users, because many Android devices experienced this.

Fix IMEI Zenfone 5 is easy enough, and we would tell with detail explanation to make you understand it easier so Repair IMEI null Zenfone 5 gives the best result to fix null IMEI. Some Android users may wonder themselves “why do we need to fix or repair null IMEI?” this is because some of Android users need IMEI for their phone. The most reason that usually said because some users want to sell their Android devices or just want it to be back because it is a real code to sign that their Android devices are same to the IMEI on its box. This means their Android devices are not swag.

Repair IMEI Zenfone 5 is a good tutorial to help you and fix this problem, we hope repair IMEI null Zenfone 5 in this article is easy to understand as we tried to created and included it with simple sentences. Repair IMEI ASUS Zenfone 5 isn’t difficult if you read and follow the instruction carefully, and you may ask us related to this article to make you solve your problem when do not understand the steps. Repair IMEI Zenfone 5 requires debugging mode and this tutorial forces you to root your phone because it works when your phone is rooted.

Your phone is rooted already

How to repair and fix null IMEI on ASUS Zenfone 5:
  • Download files we have provided
  • Extract file you’ve downloaded
  • The result of extracted file is inside USB driver, install it!
  • Plug your phone to PC via USB cable, click flash.bat inside extracted file
  • To check virtual comport: click right mouse and then manage > device manager (you will see on port, Intel Android com port). COM*number example 3*
  • Then if later there will comport command you just need to fill the number which is inside the brackets near of COM, an example: (COM4) you just need to type it 4
This tutorial works only for software. Lost Baseband is the problem on hardware, we can’t fix it through this tutorial. You can change its IC by reporting that to the service center

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