Install Custom ROM CM 12.1 Stable for Xiaomi Redmi 3

Install Custom ROM CM 12.1 Stable for Xiaomi Redmi 3
How to install Custom ROM CM12.1 stable for Xiaomi Redmi 3 – Hello everybody, today AnyIndo would like to share an article it is about a custom ROM. If you have ever heard about some kind of ROMs, you may ever hear about CM 12, and this custom ROM is good for your Redmi 3.

According to our review, Custom ROM 12.1 ran smoothly, and fast. If this ROM combined to Cusker, this ROM would be more great and cool. Due to some reasons (Cusker was still on going to be released) and in testing step, Cusker has some bugs and not recommended.

Download files:

As almost all Custom ROM has bugs, you should get bugs also in this Custom ROM, but if you think there will no problem to those bugs you may try this Custom ROM if just want to taste it.
Some bugs you may feel in this Custom ROM, they are:

  • Native FLAC Audio not working (you can use VLC or poweramp for now)
  • Audio must be played without headphones plugged in first time on boot
  • Full range color LED blink
  • SIM might require reboot first time to work correctly
  • Full disk encryption does not work with camera (otherwise seems to be fine)

How to install Custom ROM 12.1 stable for Xiaomi Redmi 3:
  • Go to Recovery Mode (we guess you understand to do this)
  • Wipe dalvik, cache, data, system, internal (if it is needed) but recommended to wipe it also
  • Install ROM CM 12.1
  • Install GAPPS
  • Reboot
  • Done you’ve installed Custom ROM CM 12.1 on your Xiaomi Redmi 3
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