Flash Xiaomi Redmi 3 via Miflash and PC 64 bit

Flash Xiaomi Redmi 3 via Miflash and PC 64 bit
How to flash Xiaomi Redmi 3 – When you’re opening this article we guess your phone’s getting bootloop, hang, or stuck on logo. There are many ways to flash Redmi 3 ROM such as Flash Redmi 3 via Fastboot. Unfortunately in this article isn’t about Flash Redmi3 Fastboot Because we want to execute it with Miflash.

Remember that by following this tutorial you don’t ever try to flash it with Fastboot, because even though you follow this tutorial but you do it with Fastboot you will get different result, as some our visitor did, their Redmi 3 was bootloop. It means by following this tutorial you require to flash it with Miflash only!

Sometimes Flash Redmi3 bootloop is easy, you just need to flash its ROM and then install new ROM. But if you don’t know all the steps and comprehend in detail the result should be nothing. In this session we won’t flash Redmi 3 windows 32 bit but we are going to flash it with a PC with windows 64 bit.

  • PC Windows 64 bit
  • USB Cable (A USB cable that is not just to charging, we need a USB cable that supports to connect your device to PC)
  • Miphone
  • ROM
Download files:

How to flash Xiaomi Redmi 3 via Miflash
  • Disable signature Windows 7 (anyone doesn’t know can search it on Google) Disable signature windows 7
  • If you use a computer (not a Laptop), don’t use front side USB port, because according to our experience there were many error problems
  • Click right mouse! And run as administrator “Miphone20151028.exe” you’ve downloaded before and install as usual
  • If there is an error windows security, select “Install this driver software anyway” until finish 
  • Open search and open “Miflash.exe” inside the folder you installed
  • When Redmi 3 in off position (means you need to turn off it), press volume up + power button and then select Download mode
  • Connect USB cable PC or laptop to your Redmi 3 and wait until the installation process is completed
  • Click refresh on Miflash application 
  • Browse and select ROM you’ve download
  • Select Flash All

  • After all above has been done, just wait until the process is finished
  • Process is finished, unplug USB cable and turn off your Redmi 3
  • Done
  • If you can not go to Download mode you can do it via Fastboot
  • Download ROM file to your PC (not your Redmi 3)
  • Disable Signature (on Windows 8) > press and hold Shift button > restart > choose Start Up option there will menu to disable Signature
  • MIUI 8 is still beta version, it is developer
  • This tutorial worked as well on Windows 8
  • We don’t provide global stable yet
  • To check whether installation driver is completed: You can check it on Device Manager, and actually there will a pop up if you notice it

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