Fix and Overcome Personal Hotspot for All iPhone devices

Fix and Overcome Personal Hotspot for All iPhone devices
How to enable, fix and overcome personal hotspot lost on iPhone – Hello dear visitors, we usually we presented article or tutorial about Android but in this chance we are trying to present different style because we would like to discuss different brand and operating system it is iOS. Fix iPhone hotspot is needed for those who lost its personal hotspot on their iPhone decices. Surely this makes getting boring moment and cranky.

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iPhone is a famous brand, and how if your iPhone personal hotspot error? Your friend should say better you throw it away and change new operating system. Don’t worry guys, we are here to Fix iPhone personal hotspot error and this works not the only for one particular version of iPhone but it can work to fix hotspot iPhone 4S, fix hotspot iPhone 5 and about its iOS version this works also to fix hotspot iOS 7.1.

iPhone personal hotspot error should get away from yoru iPhone devices because no one iOS users want this to be their proble. If you’re ready, let’s enable personal hotspot on iPhone with our tips below:

How to fix personal hotspot error on iPhone:
  • Open Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Option and then select “Cellular Data Network”
  • Scroll down to the bottom to “Personal Hotspot” menu
  • After that fill APN > fill this word “Internet” without quotation mark. Username and Password can be emptied.
  • Back to Settings and then there will appear personal hostpot. If it doesn’t appear, try to reboot your phone!


This tips tested perfectly on iPhone 5S with iOS 9.3.3 but we can’t deny if perhaps this work on different iOS version

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