Exit Recovery Mode on iPhone

Exit Recovery Mode on iPhone
How to exit Recovery Mode for all iPhone devices – Recovery Mode is done to restore and update (upgrade) our iPhone. This thing is needed for all iOS users if they dare to restore and update their iPhone without go to service center. Exit Recovery Mode iPhone requires PC or Laptop do execute it to make it easier.

How to exit Recovery Mode Mac is another keyword which has many results on search engine because Mac is also supported by iOS operating system. This article just not discuss exit Recovery Mode Mac but his can also work for some iPhone devices. They are Exit Recovery Mode iPhone 6, exit Recovery Mode iPhone 4 and Exit Recovery Mode iPhone 3G S.

According to our review this tips can also work to exit recovery mode iPhone 6 Plus because many iOS devices should restore their phone if they want to update their phone. Curious about how to exit Recovery Mode? Let’s read and follow the following instruction below

Download files:

How to exit Recovery on iPhone 3G, 3G S, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 Plus and Mac:
  • Download the latest firmware it is iOS 8.4 (you may specify it which firmware version you want to update)
  • Plug your iPhone to PC via USB Cable
  • Go to DFU Mode it is press and hold Home & Power button about 10 seconds and hear PC’s sound there will its sound. When you hear it, release Power button but keep hold Home button about 10 seconds
  • Release Home button! Until this step, its screen should has been blank with black display
  • On Itunes there is a sentence “iPhone on Recovery Mode”
  • Go to Itunes > click Shift on keyboard (PC) and click Restore on Itunes > select the iOS software (firmware) you’ve downloaded in the first step
  • Until in this step usually there will a notification ERROR 3194 (if you don’t get this problem, just install)
  • Then for those who face some problem with our trial, if you use Windows:
  • Go to drive C:/ and next go to Windows/System32/drivers/etc
  • Open notepad on your PC, click right mouse and select Run as Administrator
  • Copy the host files, and add ip address gs.apple.com
  • Download file and run RecBoot.exe
  • Just click exit Recovery Mode
  • Your phone will reboot
  • Congrats! You’ve exit from Recovery Mode

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