Download All Global Stock ROM (KitKat) for Xiaomi Redmi 2

Download All Global Stock ROM (KitKat) for Xiaomi Redmi 2
How to download stock ROM redmi 2 – Hello guys, today AnyIndo would like to provide you many stock ROM for Redmi 2 users. Our team knew that this article is indeed important because sometimes as an Android users we need ROM just to taste or try different ROM. In this download custom ROM redmi 2 article we just intend to provide you links where you can download it easily.

In this simple article we don’t just give you a way to download rom xiaomi redmi 2 global but we are proudly give you links to download rom fastboot redmi 2 for your Xiaomi Redmi 2. If you are looking for an article related to download lollipop rom for redmi 2, sadly we have to say you visit incorrect blog because in this session we just prepare it for KitKat version.

There are many sites discussed about this, download custom rom xiaomi redmi 2 is easily you can get it on Google search but some of them has been expired or the link is deleted. We didn’t get these files from illegal sites, we got it from official sites so we ensure these files are safe for your Xiaomi Redmi 2 without any risk if you understand how to install it on your device.

We quoted these files from three sites, and we won’t forget to put their sites in our last article to appreciate their sites. These are the following Fastboot and Recovery Kitkat ROM you can download freely, just specify which one you want to download:

Fastboot ROM:
Recovery ROM:

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