Steps to Do Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Steps to Do Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
In this article we will discuss about Hard Reset Samsung S3 mini and focus to How to reset Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini when locked. Hard Reset is a method to restore the smartphone to factory settings. After performing Hard Reset, smartphone will return to normal as the first time we buy. In this article about Samsung Galaxy S III Mini factory reset, sometimes also solve the problem of error on Android system such bootloop, application stops, touch is not functioning and also overcome pattern password or password if you forget it.

For those who want to do Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT-I8190 that may due to a system problem as we have mentioned above or some other problems, possibly by doing Hard Reset, let’s following our tutorial bellow carefully:

How to do Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
  • Make sure the battery capacity is at least 50%
  • Turn off Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (to ensure Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is truly off, please allow a few seconds)
  • Go to Recovery Mode by pressing Volume Up + Home + Power simultaneously until towards the Recovery Menu (when Android logo has appeared release power button)
  • Once entered into Recovery Menu, select Wipe Data / factory reset by pressing Volume Down to go down and the power button to confirm
  • Now, in the next menu select Yes – delete all user data (wait for the moment)
  • Recently select Reboot system now (Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini will boot, first boot takes at least 15 minutes)

That is the article about how to do Hard Reset or Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, and we hope this article is useful for those who want to practice this due to some problems on their Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. If this Hard Reset Method still does not work, the only last method is you have to flash your Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, and later we will provide an article to flash Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

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