Repair and Overcome Oppo Mirror 5 Bootloop and Stuck on Logo Without PC

Repair and Overcome Oppo Mirror 5 Bootloop and Stuck on Logo Without PC
Accidentally or intentionally we may experience an error and it is a matter of course on our smartphone, it would be nice if we can solve this problem without having to go to service center (unless the damage is severe enough). If you experience problems such as bootloop (stuck in oppo logo) on Oppo Mirror 5  you can try the tutorial below.

Bootloop is a condition which smartphone stuck on logo and cannot go to homescreen, this happens due to many things could be because there is an application system crashes, error in modifying the file system or other things. In the following tutorial we will re-install the firmware to be able to work again properly.

Before attempting this tutorial you should note the following bellow:
  • This tutorial is only for Oppo Mirror 5 a51w
  • We are not responsible if with this tutorial Mirror 5 you even get more errors, if you do not dare to try the following tutorial you should take it to a service center
  • This tutorial will remove apps and games which are installed on your smartphone and SMS along with its contacts.
  • If the damage is severe enough course, this tutorial will not be able to run well

Steps to Flash Oppo Mirror 5 Bootloop
  • Download the Firmware file Oppo Mirror 5 (a51w)
  • Put the file on the sdcard, it can be via a card reader for those who have a PC or if do not have a PC you can borrow a friend's phone and download file  above  and move it to your SD Cardcard
  • Remember put the file outside the folder !!
  • Now turn off your Mirror 5 and then press and hold the Volume Down (sound reducers) then press also hold the POWER button simultaneously for a few seconds until the Oppo logo appears and then release.
  • If successful will enter Oppo Recovery Menu and Select English Language
  • And then select Wipe Data Cache
  • Perform Wipe Data and Wipe Cache and select YES
  • Next select Install From SD and Select file you have downloaded
  • Now, Flashing process is running and wait until the process is completed
  • Next select Reboot and then Yes
  • Please wait for the boot process may takes about 5 minutes

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