Overcome Smartfren Andromax G2 Bootloop on Logo or Error

Overcome Smartfren Andromax G2 Bootloop on Logo or Error  
Bootloop is a condition where android smartphone is stuck on Android logo, or it cannot turn on, almost this problem just restart repeatedly and it means your Android smartphone is useless. If you experience this problem you may think you need to buy the new one, or at least you have to take it to Service Center, but in this article we are going to guide you to overcome Smartfren Andromax G2 Bootloop on logo or error with our tricks.

This tutorial does not use TF Update of Andromax G2 (Haier AD681H), but we will use another Haier smartphone and it is has similar partition. We are definitely lucky because we can find this similar partition, so we can overcome our Andromax G2 by ourselves if our Andromax G2 is error.

  • This tutorial is for Andromax G2 (HAIER AD681H) only, it means this tutorial is not for Andromax G2 Qwerty (AD9A1H)
  • Ensure your SD Card has at least 3 GB of available space
  • This TF Update still uses Jellybean OS 4.3 (do not expect for higher version)
  • The minimum of battery is more than 50%
  • If there is file !ad681H!.l and #ad681H#  inside your SD Card memory, you have to delete it first before you go to execute your Andromax G2
  • This tutorial will force our Andromax G2 to install Custom Recovery TWRP, and this TWRP will be used to install Andromax g2 ROM

Steps to overcome bootloop on Smarfren Andromax G2
  • Download Sdimage that contains TWRP and Stock ROM file of Andromax G2
  • Extract sdimage_TWRP_Andromax_G2.rar  later you will see sdimage folder that contains recovery.img and hycookie.txt file
  • Put sdimage folder and Stock-ROM-JB-Deodex-Andromax-G2.zip file to SDCard/MemoryCard
  • Insert your SD card to your Andromax G2 although it is still bootloop
  • Turn on your Andromax G2 and there will a process with an icon such battery logo, after update success or finish unplug the battery immediately and unplug your SD Card from Andromax G2
  • Delete sdimage folder and put it to your Andromax G2
  • Turn on your Andromax G2 by pressing volume up and power simultaneously until Smartfren logo appears than you may release your fingers from those buttons (volume up and power)
  • If the process is correct, your Andromax G2 will go to TWRP (Team Win Recovery project)
  • Select Wipe and then swipe the Swipe To Factory reset cursor (remember that all application and game installed inside your Andromax G2 will be deleted)
  • And then select Install and find and click Stock-ROM-JB-Deodex-Andromax-G2.zip file
  • Select Reboot System
  • Booting process may takes rather old if this is the first time you doing this, you can wait about 15 minutes
  • Done, you already overcome bootloop on your Andromax G2
sdimage TWRP Andromax G2 - Download
Stock ROM Jellybean Deodex for Andromax G2 - Download

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