Overcome and Repair Bootloop on Smartfren Andromax C2

Overcome and Repair Bootloop on Smartfren Andromax C2
Maybe for those who are familiar to modify Andromax C2 or already installed a custom recovery such as CWM or TWRP Philz says that bootloop or other errors are easy to overcome, but for those who still little knowledge of android smartphone will be confusion to overcome these problem2. This time I want to share a tutorial how to overcome Andromax C2 bootloop or switched off. In this article we are going to overcome Andromax C2 bootloop or Andromx C2 brick.

This tutorial to flash the firmware Andromax C2 using TF Update AD688G file, which contains the firmware file Andromax C2 which can be used to improve your C2 which bootloop or die, but not to condition the total dead or due to hardware damage. But there's no harm effect to try this if you pay attention and follow the instruction carefully. Flash Andromax C2 AD688G is not that difficult if we know the method and this can also work for flash Andromax C2 via PC.

  • For those who have Andromax C2 with Jellybean version, in this tutorial it can be used if to update to Kitkat.
  • For Andromax C2  users with there is front camera version can also follow this tutorial but you have to change the folder to be newad688g.v1and change also ad688g.xml file to be newad688g.xml.
  • Make sure the battery condition is at least 70%
  • Inside this file we have changed stock recovery  with TWRP.

Steps to Overcome Andromax C2 Bootloop, Softbrick, Brick, Stuck on Logo
  • Download TF Update kitkat
  • Then extract the file there will be a folder named ad688g.v1 (for the extract it is recommended to use a PC so the file  is not corrupt)
  • After that put ad688g.v1 in sdcard folder (do not put it inside the folder!)
  • After all is clear you can turn off Andromax C2
  • Then press the Volume Up and Volume Down then hold the Power button at the same moment and then release them
  • If you do the correct step you will see loading process with chinese words
  • During the process do not press any button, but just wait
  • wait until it completes later it says "Update Success!", then press and hold the Power button momentarily
  • The boot process a little longer than usual about 5-10 minutes
  •  if your Andromax C2 is successful you will go to the homescreen and it will look like the first time you buy
  • Done
TF Update KitKat - Download

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