Installing CWM on Xiaomi Mi3 (Enable Dual Boot)

Installing CWM on Xiaomi Mi3 (Enable Dual Boot)
If you still don't really understand about CWM, we will explain it for some simple explanations. CWM or its full name is ClockWorkMod is a recovery to allow Android users to modify, edit, and optimize their Android devices by installing CWM. That's just simple explanation, and we hope you already comprehend its function why you need to install CWM on your Xiaomi Mi3.

How to Install CWM on Xiaomi Mi3
  • Download CWM Recovery (file below in this article)
  • Put it in sdcard (not in folders)
  • Go to settings-about phone-update system (you can also use the updater app)
  • Touch a menu option on the bottom left of your Xiaomi Mi3
  • Select the update file you already downloaded earlier and update.
  • Wait a moment,  and cwm recovery has been successfully installed
  • Make ensure its recovery cwm already installed, turn off your Xiaomi Mi3
  • Press the power button and volume +

How to Enable True Dual Boot on Xiaomi Mi3
  • If it successfull installed cwm recovery on your Xiaomi Mi3
  • Go to cwm recovery, just select advance - Enable Truedualboot - Move Data - select YES enable truedualboot - select / Data1
  • Done, you have enabled True Dual Boot on your Xiaomi Mi3
CWM Recovery file - Download

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