OMG, This Sexy Woman is a Hacker

When you hear the word hacker, you might describe the private figure with thick glasses, nerds, and lots of snacks around his desk. But unlike in general, a woman from Tiongkok claiming to be 'Sexy Cyborg' is, has the appearance of bringing beautiful and sexy impression.

As reported by the elitereaders, Wednesday (06/01/2016), physical appearance and dress 'Sexy Cyborg' is far from being dramatic like a hacker. This sexy hacker claimed she was able to penetrate the security cordon with his upper body appearance.

After that, do not focus looked at body shape and appearance looks beautiful, because behind the clothing stored some sophisticated equipment to break into security systems. With his appearance, 'Sexy Cyborg' are reluctant to reveal his true identity is successfully produce sexy charisma and dangerous to himself.

Once examined, note on the heels of shoes she was wearing. Hackers are putting a powerful tool for breaking into the security system.

She admitted, to penetrate the security cordon current corporate spying, would be very difficult if put sophisticated tools in the bag, pen, or a mobile phone because it is easily detected. This oriental-faced woman prefers to use his heels as a hiding place sophisticated devices.

'Sexy Cyborg' is inspired by the methods used serial Mr Robot from the United States. Shoes that she designed himself helped performance as hackers and spies

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