Claimed to be Safe and Anti-Tapping, Whatsapp Finally is Not Safe

Instant messaging application WhatsApp has recently released its latest features. This application is owned by Facebook and trying to apply encryption technology (anti-tapping) so that conversations between users are protected.

Encryption technology is now becoming a trend, at least in the last year. Trends hacking or tapping even started attacking multinational corporations.

WhatsApp official explanation says that protection is encryption protocol developed end-to-end. This feature works so that the message can not be read or intercepted by a third party and could not even read by WhatsApp itself.

The message can only be read by the intended recipients, including telephone services, images, video, and voice mail.

Former chairman of the Presidential IT security team, Primary Persadha, mentioning that the encryption technology developed WhatsApp not 100 percent safe.

Founder of cyber security research institute CISSReC (Communication and Information System Security Research Center) was mentioned several things that must be considered.

"What kind of encryption used by this WhatsApp? Is the key exchange is still a plain or not. It should be noted there is a potential man in the middle attack can still steal information," said Pratama to Tekno, when talking in Semarang on Monday (04/11/2016).

Pratama said it would be better if you use an encryption algorithm that has been created or developed. Even if it uses open source encryption algorithm, should be amended again to strengthen it.

"Man in the middle attack is not only looking for information, but also can result in losses through the manipulation of data," said Pratt.
According to Pratt, WhatsApp servers located in the United States also should be considered. Based on the experience of the National Security Agency (NSA) has the ability to open all the "key" encryption.

"Data backups of its safe or not. By default backup services used by WhatsApp is Google Drive that can still be accessed government with special requests. Unlike similar applications that have high levels of military security standards," he said.
This, according to Pratt, makes us not worry excessively about WhatsApp will be used for crimes such as terrorism.

Exemplified, the encryption on iPhone cases could force Apple to make government open through legal channels and doing a description because it allows.

In addition to all this, this step should be appreciated given the WhatsApp messaging eliminate adalahinstant services. This encryption to protect communications over 1 billion users worldwide WhatsApp from information theft.

Encryption itself began to be implemented in many models of technology. The growing human dependence on the Internet, also opens up great opportunities cyberlebih criminals attack.

Own encryption used to secure data, networks, and communications. In the country, the encryption has been dikemabangkan by State Code Institution and several companies of security of the nation.

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