The Easiest Method To Root LG Optimus G Pro E988

The Easiest Method To Root LG Optimus G Pro E988
Here you will find an information about how to root on  LG Optimus G Pro E988. With root access you will get a "superuser" where you can do modifications android system like install a custom ROM, remove bloatware or install applications that require root access. In this article we are not going to tell you about the advantage and disadvantage of rooting on LG Optimus G Pro E988, because we would to focus how to root it.

Before you follow this tutorial I just remind you that by opening up access to Root LG G PRO you will most likely void the warranty, though you can restore it after you unroot your device but unroot is not always work well to restore warranty.

If you're ready to root your device, let's read and follow the instruction bellow carefully:

how to root on  LG Optimus G Pro E988:
  • Ensure internet is active
  • Download and install Towelroot.apk on your G Pro
  • Run the application Towelroot and then click "Make it Ra1r"
  • After that install SuperSu.apk in Google PlayStore
  • Once installed SuperSU  later if there is a demand update the SU binary. select "Continue" and then select "Normal"
  • Now turn off your G PRO then turn it on again (Reboot / Restart)
To make sure whether it is Success or not and to ensure you can using Root Checker app, you can install it via Google Play Store.

That's all about this article, and we hope that you can understand this easily.

Towelroot.apk - Download
Supersu.apk Download

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