Root Meizu Note 2 With Simple Method

AnyIndo - Meizu in its country, china is a country that is already well-known brand name that produces high specification smartphone with its products and price-friendly. In this few years, it is issued Meizu began intensively launches its products in international markets including Indonesia, it is Meizu Note 2.

Unlike other brands that do not allow us to open root access, but Meizu provides the option to enable root on the smartphone. So we do not have to bother looking for ways to open its root access. To open root access we just need to log in with your Flyme account.

How to enable root access on Meizu Note 2:
Root Meizu Note 2 With Simple Method
  • Open Settings
  • Select Accounts (for those who do not have an account please register first with Your email)
  • Select System privileges
  • Click Accept and then select OK
  • Enter the account password Flyme
  • Automatic Reboot
  • Reboot automatically after root access has been opened

To give root access to the applications that require root access you have to go to flyme acount-system previleges, now there can be any kind of app you can see that needs root access. Now you are free to maximize Meizu Note 2 you, either by installing xposed and Flyme tools, or the other.

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