Is it Possible To Kill Lubu When Playing Dinasty Warrior?

Anyone who have ever played Dinasty Warrior game must know this one character. There are some questions such as ''can we kill Lubu, can we defeat him etc?''. According to our experienced when we play it together with our team, yes we can but it has little possibility if you play hard mode.

According to my opinion, this character has strong power, and we need to do some tricks to kill him even when I played it in easy mode. If you are really a gamer, playing this kind of game is must. 

One example of a strategy to take him down in this version is to abuse invincibility from Musou and Rage Musou (if you play Dinasty Warrior 8). Gather up a herd of enemy soldiers in advance, with a full Rage ready and Musou as well. Then, once you lure Lu Bu out, first use your Musou (ideally the most damaging one for your character). When that's done, engage Rage to refill your Musou, and use the Rage Musou to attack him and carry him into the enemy herd you had earlier. You should ideally do this fast enough to enter your True Rage Musou and start to really destroy him. Equip a weapon that regains musou on kills to keep the rage attack running much longer while you crash through the enemies carrying Lu Bu.
If you fail to defeat him in this and you're out of resources, don't fret! Just past the gate are more enemies! Use them to build up your Musou and/or Rage and take care not to engage Lu Bu directly unless you're invincible. You should have enough enemies in the hallway to take him down, unless your weapon is excessively weak or you're piddly level, in which case you might need more. This kind of strategy can work with most characters, but it's easier with ones like Yue Ying and Wang Yuanji who hit hard and fast with their True Rage Musous.
There are other strategies available, usually based around knowing how he attacks and not letting him catch you with his musou attacks. Ranged weapons can also be used to try and attack from a much safer distance, but no matter the strategy, caution must always be exercised since he can generally slay you in a single hit.
This is what the fuck game with amazing style of each character, but it is really annoying when finally I meet Lubu. usually I dare to fight him when there some or more warrior among me. It will help us to get a chance to kill him, even we know that we still need tricks or strategy to kill him.

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