Restore Lost IMEI And IMEI Not Registered On Samsung Galaxy S3

Restore Lost IMEI  And IMEI Not Registered On Samsung Galaxy S3
AnyIndo - If you face this problem on your Galaxy S3, actually you can not underestimate this because if you lie in Indonesia as my country you have to bring your device to Serice Center. This is the only way to restore the IMEI number. You may can find out some tricks on internet but it tells us we have to pay it. In this article we would like to help you to restore your IMEI if you lost its IMEI or the IMEI isn't registered.

To make sure your device has IMEI or not, you can your IMEI number with simple dial number it is *#06*# and then press call. If you find there that the IMEI is null or not registered, fine... you need this article as well.  

Let's try this method to restore your IMEI:
  • You can open dial number and type *#06*# to check your IMEI number. You need to reconfigure the settings to fix this if no signal or not registered. This happens 'cause network problem on your android device.
  • Still in dialer, type *#197328640# or you can type it with different code it is *#*#197328640#*#* We hope you still understand after all this.
  • By pressing that code you will be prompted into the Command Code, provided On the screen, you can select common, normally option 6.
  • And then select (FTM) Option 1.
  • Actually FTM is a code for debugging and testing
  • If FTM is on means you have to turn this OFF.
  • as soon as possible you turn it off and the NULL or not registered IMEI number on your android device will be restored immediately.
Without leaving the command screen you can press menu key, the button that's found left of the home button on your android device.

Thatnsk for your attention to read this article and we hope that this also work properly on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

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