Fix Camera Failed On Android Devices

Fix Camera Failed On Android Devices
AnyIndo - This time I will spread tips and give you solutions to solve various problems in the Android operating system, ranging from the simple to heavyweight. Android is a mobile operating system that is perfect than its competitors. But that does not mean Android did not escape from the shortages. Some annoying bugs annoy users to maximize the full Android functionality.

The problems that we will discuss here is an error notification that says Camera Failed 'error messageshandler.handlemessage (1) or Warning! The camera failed, and so on.

Never experienced? According to my search for this, some low-end Android smartphones often experience. But that does not mean high-end android smartphone independent from the "disease" is. Then where lies the main problem? we personally have not been able to ascertain the cause of the problem, whether software or hardware (could be due to one of them). And why does this often occur on the Samsung Galaxy? I personally think not because of product defects or so because it also happens to Android phones from other brands. The reason why many users of Samsung are reported, according to me just because of the population most Samsung Android.

Some point below is how to overcome it and work for some people but some are still errors. Here are the steps that can be tried, starting from the easiest:

1. Try to Turn off the your device
Sometimes the camera issues an error message handler.handlemessage (-1) can be overcome by simply turning off the phone first. When the phone is dead, let loose the battery (if it can be removed) and wait for two minutes, then turn it on again your phone. A way that is quite simple, is not it ??

2. Install Third-Party Camera Applications
This problem can also be caused by damage to the default camera application. To overcome this can be a way to install third-party camera applications, such as Camera 360, Fx Cam, etc. This application can be downloaded / downloaded via the Google Play Store. After all, the camera application from a third party has a lot of functionality than default camera application.
3. Factory Reset
Factory Reset is delete all the data and applications stored on the phone and restore the phone as to the beginning again. If the damage to the camera due to software problems, it can usually be overcome by Factory Reset. To perform Factory Reset, you can open the Settings menu - Backup and Reset -Factory Data Reset.

4. Wipe Dalvik Cache and Cache
To wipe Dalvik cache and cache done through recovery mode. Recovery Mode can be accessed with a key combination that is different in each series. Googling wrote and adjust to the type of your Android gadgets.

5. Upgrade Firmware
Already Factory Reset and Wipe Data / Cache, but the error messagehandler.handlemessage (-1) still appear? Try to upgrade the firmware (operating system / on Android is often called a ROM) gadget to a newer version. For how to upgrade the firmware can be different for each phone / tablet Android. Usually tutorial how to be found on Android forums.

That's all enough about this article, we hope that this article can help you to fix camera on your android devices.

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