Enable USB Debugging On Smartfren

Enable USB Debugging On Smartfren
AnyIndo - USB debugging is an option where we can access our android smartphone with a computer via data cable, this option is actually only the designation by the application developers. Obviously this option is very important for those who usually like to messing about on Android devices.

By default this option is off, and we need a little trick to make it Developer menu Option / Developer Mode appears where USB Debug features are. Even so there are some vendors like Smartfren usually locking USB Debugging features, but if you are Andromax EC and more user who want to use the USB Debugging option below, we will give password To Enable USB Debugging On Andromax.

We get some options and benefits by Activate USB Debugging on android such as access android device via computer or laptop, synchronize to PC,  manage our data and file on PC and much more. This article is indeed important for those who have Andromax device but still do not know how to enable its USB debugging. But do not worry, you visit the right site to guide you to fix this problem. If you are really curious, let's read and follow the instruction bellow carefully:

How to enable USB debugging on Andromax:
  • ACtivate MTP option first
  • Go to Settings select About Phone and press it seven times on the message ''Nothcing Number'' and later it will appear a message that says ''Now you are a developer''
  • Back to the menu there you'll see Developer Options
  • Then click USB debugging
  • When it asks you to enter a password type !!!!#SUPERUSER#!!!
  • Done, and you've enabled USB debugging on your Andromax device
Remember that this password is not always useful if the developer has changed it. But until at this time this password is still useful. Just use it and we will give you new password if once the developer change it.

That's all about Activate USB debugging on Andromax and we hope this article is useful for those who really need this tutorial.

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