Root And Installing CWM On Oppo Find Clover R815

Root And Installing CWM On Oppo Find Clover R815
AnyIndo -  Oppo has many types of its smartphone and in this article we will discuss about one of its type it is Oppo Find Clover R815. If you search on Google and then you find this article means you are planning to root and installing cwm on oppo find clover r815.

There are many sites discussed about this device and we created this article to help you to root oppo find clover if you have this device and indeed want to root it. All you must be required is you have to be confident and dare to do it without any doubt, because anything makes you hesitate will give worst result.

According to us this is the easiest method to root find clover, and this article also provides cwm to help you do it easier. If many tutorials  requires PC or Laptop to root the device, in this article gives you the easiest way to do it without any PC or Laptop. We knew that because not all the people have it and rooting the device via PC is more complicated to be done.

This tutorial guides you to root and this is not for permanent result, but you can make it permanent. We will guide you also to make it permanent if you are indeed want to root permanently.

I don’t know if many people have this device, but according to my opinion this device is rare in my country, because I’ve never found it before this. But I hope this tutorial isn’t useless if finally I’ve created it because I expected this to help oppo find clover user.

By the way, let’s root and installing CWM on oppo find clover r815:

Steps to root the device via framaroot:
  • Download framaroot above, install and run the application.
  • Choose supersu and click bromier untill the popup windows that says success appears, if it doesn't appear, do it again until successfully appears
  • If it is finished, just reboot your device.
Steps to root the device via zip installer:
  • download Root zip installer and move it into sd-card reboot and then reboot your device to recovery mode.
  • You can update supersu from Google Play.
  • Update binary - normalmode.
Steps to install cwm / stock recovery oppo find clover:
  • Download mobileuncle, but remember that your find clover must be rooted already as the method above. 
  • Download CWM + stock recovery oppo find clover.
  • Extract it into sd-card, inside the folder there are two file, they are stock and CWM. Choose one of them and then recovery.img to /sdcard/recovery.img
  • Run mobileuncle application and give root permission and then go to menu after that choose ''update recovery'' on the upper side. If you put recovery.img at the right place it will be automatically detected and you can choose that recovery.img and install reboot to recovery mode.
  • Done
  • If you are using CWM stockrom this will be temporary, it means when it boots to CWM the only for once.
  • To make it returns into recovery just move recovery.img to SD Card and then install it via mobileuncle.
  • To make it permanent you can go to the systems via root explorer and find recovery file from boot .p and then delete. After that you can install CWM via mobileuncle tool.
That's all about this article. if you have any question you can leave comment bellow. If we are not busy we will reply your question as soon as possible.

Rootzip – find it on Play Store
Oppo recovery – Download
Framaroot – Find it on Play Store

MobileUncle – Download

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