Optimize Asus Zenfone 5 Battery To Make It More Useful

Optimize Asus Zenfone 5 Battery To Make It More Useful
AnyIndo – Hello guys, In this afternoon I represent my team to create this article to guide you How to optimize ASUS Zenfone 5 Battery to make it more useful. Of course you all know how to make your device becomes useful because you chose your device it means you understand anything about your device. This article created to help you if you want to optimize your device.

Optimize zenfone 5 is actually really easy, and this article quoted by some sites to make you easier to understand it. Optimize in this article means optimize RAM on your device. As you know, zenfone 5 has some versions includes its procie, RAM, and internal memory.

You have to be glad if you get zenfone 5 with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, but some zenfone 5 users get zenfone 5 with 8 GB RAM and 8 GB of internal memory, and this article will help them if they think they need to optimize their zenfone 5.

For additional information, my device is asus zenfone 5 with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, and think that’s all enough ‘cause I don’t have to optimize it again to make it more useful. But this article is special for those who always think that optimizing zenfone 5 is important. Okay, let’s start it with first tips and tricks bellow:

Improve battery life on asus zenfone 5:

Kill useless applications and games
This is you’ve not rooted your device, kill all background applications which are not used. This method can improve battery life though just kill some background applications which are not used. Just go to Settings > Personal > Privacy > Privacy Guard. This allows you to use limiting backgrounds use.

Install useful applications and games only
Don’t ever try to install any applications which can drain the battery heavily if it is not important enough. This includes games or any application you have. Sometimes smart users even uninstall official application on their device if they do not use it, but consider to uninstall it if it doesn’t damage your device.

Avoid overheating
The people keep force their device to play games or browsing on internet while their device is overheat. They still think this is normal, but it gives an effect to their device. It makes the battery drain so heavy and get the problem in the long term. Usually this causes the battery be bulging and drain heavily even you charge it.

Never use your device while charging it
Actually this is difficult warning to the people in this new era, it is because I can’t even leave my device although I am charging it. I keep use it and make it drain the battery just to browsing on internet or chatting with my friends. But this makes our battery life goes worse and many people don’t imagine this. If you can, you have to leave your device while you charge it to make it durable.

Never use fake charger
I had experienced this issue, when I used another device from different brand it was Nokia C5-00 and yes, sometimes fake charger charges the battery so fast and quickly runs out the battery life. It causes the battery gets worse thing and for the long term this will damage your device, includes your zenfone 5.

Never leave your device on the charger all night
I can’t deny that I charge my device all night while I’m sleeping and unplug it when I already wake up. Many people told that this thing damages the battery in the long term. We can deny it if some devices can stop charging automatically when it is full, but not all the device has this feature. Some devices from different brand even may explodes when it is charging and gets something error. If you are willing, do not do this anymore to make the battery durable.

Well, that's all enough about this article and I hope this article is useful for all zenfone 5 user. If you have any question or want to sharing about your zenfone 5, you may leave comment bellow.

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