Differentiate Samsung Galaxy S4 Original And Fake

Differentiate Samsung Galaxy S4 Original And Fake
AnyIndo - In this article we are going to share an article it is Differentiate Samsung Galaxy S4 Original And Fake. 

There are lot of bastard sellers who offer Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 at bargain prices. But be careful, a lot of sellers who say that the item is original but some of them are Replication / supercopy / King copy

Supercopy or fake phone made and looks similar to the original brand, examples of this when the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is booming in the market, Samsung S4 fake will be indistinguishable by laymen alias clueless. Smartphone replica / KW / supercopy almost similar to the original and its Android OS, book, Charger, User manual, warranty card, battery, etc. There was even a Samsung Galaxy S4 Supercopy reckless provide false seal similar to the official seal Samsung Indonesia, Sein.

There is also the term KingCopy / Super Best Copy which has almost exactly the same design as the original.

Here are some ways to diferentiate the Samsung Galaxy S4 original and fake:

Wipe its logo
Wipe section that reads "Samsung" on the back cover. When those texts look united to the cover it was, we can be sure it is original, but if it was a little rough,it means fake / supercopy.

TYPING * # 0 * #
Open board dial / telephone, and then typ * # 0 * #, S4 Original menu will appear the test like this: image addition * # 0 * #, Samsung Galaxy S4 Original able to run the following code in the menu dial / phone: * # 32 489 # (service Mode) * # 0011 # (Service Menu) * # 0228 # (Battery Status) * # 7353 # (Quick Test Menu).

Checking RAM
Try to check its RAM via settings> applications> set application> runs. If the total capacity is about 400MB and (512 MB) RAM or 700-800 MB (1 GB) has been ascertained it means it is fake.

Check the results PHOTOS
Perform shooting to any object, and then try to install the application it is QuickPic. After you download it,  Open QuickPic application, locate and select the image was captured, press menu, select details.

CPU-Z is an application that will detect the type of hardware used in Android smartphones. If Checked by CPU-Z shows that the processor / cpu used with its-type MTK 6572/6577/6589, it is clear that it is not Samsung Galaxy S4 Original.

You can download an application it named genuine appliation for  Galaxy S4 / note 3 to check whether our Samsung Galaxy S4 is genuine or fake gadgets. When its running the application, appears: "Iam afraid you're not using Galaxy S4" means your smartphone is not Samsung Galaxy S4 original.

Hand censor only works in one direction
Can not create an account Samsung Apps
Can not connect to Samsung KIES (KIES Samsung can not detect)
When it's on Off mode, and then your turn on it will appear an oval light. You will see SAMSUNG logo but it is not sharp.

Physical color LED flash (not its light)
FAKE: Yellow

Screen resolution
FAKE: 480 × 800, 540 × 960 or 720 × 1280
ORIGINAL: 1080 × 1920

FAKE: Still visible pixel screen
ORIGINAL: Original S4 has a high pixel density of 441 ppi, so the display will be very smooth with no visible pixel screen

Air Gesture
FAKE: The ability to detect only 0-3 cm
ORIGINAL: detection capability of 0-10 cm

Processor / CPU

That's all about Differentiate Samsung Galaxy S4 Original And Fake. if you have any question related to this article you cane leave comment bellow. If we are not busy, we will reply it as soon as possible.

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