Best Android Application To Create Meme

Best Android Application To Create Meme
AnyIndo -  In this article we are going to share an article it is Best Android Application To Create Meme. Lately, this cyber world are colored with words in a picture / photograph whether it be words of wisdom, quote, or as you know new trend it is Meme. To make it, usually people using Photoshop software or the online web memegenerator. Of course this is very difficult for those  who do not have computer / laptop at home.

But do not worry because now the development of technology and many creative people continue to innovate so that created applications to create the kind words such as words of love, funny words or sad words on android easily.

4 Android Applications for Making Words in Pictures

1. Phonto – Text on Photos
Phonto is android application made by Youthhr. This application is very useful for those who want to add text / writing on the image or photograph. Phonto has many features that are available to you as more than 200 cool fonts, change the color and font size, change the text and background color and can also add your own font as you want. Download Phonto on Play Store - Download.

2. Over
Over application makes text on  android. Over is android application that can help you to make aphorisms in a picture or photograph. For lovers of Typography is suitable to choose this application because it is very fitting that features such as changing the font size, rotation, fade effects, crop the image, change the color and align the image. Unfortunately this application is not free, but you can buy it if you are interested to this application. Download Over on Play Store - Download

3. Cymera - Photo Editor, Collage

Who does not know the Cymera? yap, surely you who like selfie have installed this application for editing purposes so that the images selfie you will look more impressive. In addition to selfie with Cymera you can utilize to make words in an image or images with cool features such as choosing fonts, move text layout, set the rotation, change text color and many others. Download application Cymera in Playstore - Download

4. Textgram - write on photos
Textgram is a simple application that is suitable for you who do not like complicated with all the editing settings such as 3 applications make the words above. Although it looks simple, but this application is suitable for you who like to exist in social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Path and others. Download Application Textgram Free Play Store - Download

That's all about Best Android Application To Create Meme. If you have any question related to this article you can leave comment bellow.

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