Flashing Oppo Neo R831K Via Flashtool Easily

Flashing Oppo Neo R831K Via Flashtool Easily
AnyIndo - In this article we are going to share an article it is Flashing Oppo Neo R831K Via Flashtool Easily. After we gave you an article to flash Oppo Joy R1001,in this chance we will guide Oppo Neo R831 users to flash their devices if they need it. Before you flash your Oppo Neo R831K, you have to comprehend the reason you want to flash it. If your device faces problems such as hang, bottloop etc you may follow this instruction.

Flashing is a method to fix bootloop, bricked and hang if we think we have no way anymore to make normal. Actually flashing is complicated method, but if we have no idea to make it normal, flashing is the best method to do.

If you are ready to flashing your Oppo Neo R831K, let's follow this instruction bellow carefully:

  • Download SP Flashtool above and All MTK driver.
  • And then extract the files, it will be a folder is is SP Flashtool and All mtk driver.
  • Open all mtk driver, and install its driver, choose InstallDriver.exe inside all mtk drivers folder => FeaturePhoneDriver=> v1.1032.1
  • Turn off your device, and unplug the battery.
  • Run flash-tool.exe inside SP Flashtool by clicking twice.
  • Click Scatter-loading in the column number 2 (right side), after that choose scatter file inside stock ROM folder you've downloaded. The column will be automatically filled.
  • Plug USB cable to your Oppo Neo R831 (do not try to plug it to PC first, it can not detect your device).
  • Click download on sp flash tool, if there is warning just click yes. And then press volume up and for some moments while plug USB cable to PC (keep pressing volume up button) until the process is completed, flashing will run with red color when it is loading. It will change to be yellow, wait until the process is completed. 
  • There will circle green sign there with OK.
  • If it it is completed you may unplug your device from PC, plug your battery to your device and try to turn it on.
  • Done.
That's all about Flashing Oppo Neo R831K Via Flashtool Easily. If you have any question relate to this article you can leave comment bellow. If we are not busy, we will reply it as soon as possible.

Download Files:
Splash Tool and All MTK Driver - Download
ROM Oppo Neo R831K - Download

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