Flashing Oppo Joy R1001 (Works 100%)

Flashing Oppo Joy R1001 Easily 
AnyIndo - In this article we are going to share an article it is Flashing Oppo Joy R1001 (Works 100%). After we shared an article about installing and rooting Oppo Joy R1001, now we will help you to flash your device. You have to know the purpose of flashing your device before you decide to flash. Some android users decide to flash because there's something error on their android devices such us bootloop, stucked and more.

We don't know why you visit this link, but according to our article it means you want to flash your Oppo Joy R1001 to make it normal. Actually this is not difficult if you understand step by step we give, but it will be really difficult if you don't notice this article carefully. It may takes longer time, but we will guide you well to get the best result when flashing your Oppo Joy R1001.

  • First, Install the driver you've download, find file with exe format inside driver folder. Try to plug in your Oppo Joy R1001 to PC while pressing volume down or volume up. If there MTK... means the driver is completed.
  • Extract fimrware and extract splashtool.
  • Make sure battery has 50% or more power.
  • Run Flash_Tool.exe (for windows7, click right mouse and run as administrator).
  • Make sure all is checklisted, except secro cache and usrdata if it is not available, no problem.
  • For prealoder, do not check list it first, if it is failed then you may check list it.
  • Click download only, if it couldn't be you can upgrade the firmware.
  • Connect your device to PC while pressing volume up or volume down.
  • There will a process with yellow color, wait until appears green cicrcle and then OK.
  • If it is failed, you can use Flash Tool v5.1416.00
  • Try to turn on your Oppo Joy, if fail just try it again.
  • Done.
That's all about Flashing Oppo Joy R1001 Easily. If this is complicated, yes it is. We don't suggest you to do it, but if flashing is the only a method to make your Oppo Joy normal you may do this. All the risk is your own, it means all the step and result depends on what you notice and follow this instruction. If you have any question related to this article you can leave comment bellow. If we are not busy, we will reply it as soon as possible
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