Complete Explanation To Update Xiaomi Redmi 2

Complete Explanation To Update Xiaomi Redmi 2
AnyIndo - In this article we are going to share an article it is Complete Guide To Update Xiaomi Redmi 2. Xiaomi has just released the latest update for Xiaomi Redmi 2 with large file of 33MB. This latest update seems to only bring improvements in several fixed where after writer installed on the phone Redmi 2 that the author had felt there was improvement in the performance of the phone is more smooth, the heat is reduced and more efficient of battery consumption.

As you can read on the title, this article to give you some reviews and instruction to update it, but we don't provide the file yet. We will prepare it soon. Just be patient and wait.The latest update has the build number it is v6.6.7.0.KHJMICF, this version number can be interpreted still using a version of Android KitKat bringing bug fixes as the author argued above.

So what are the changelog in MIUI ROM version v6.6.7.0 Redmi 2 on this version ?, until this article was written position changelog only displays the statement "Changelog is not ready yet. Please wait for a second. ". So officially fixes the bug can not be confirmed officially. Nevertheless, there are considerable changes in performance that can be felt when using the phone Redmi 2 with the latest ROM.

The latest update Redmi 2 can only be updated via OTA though the author will try to give MIUI ROM ZIP file to be used to update manually via fastboot recovery and ROM Redmi 2 v6.6.7.0. 

To update your Redmi 2 via OTA, the process is very simple but still considered your the battery , at least 25% battery capacity must be met while doing a reboot and try to apply this new ROM while still charging. However, if your battery is more than 50%, do not need to charge your the battery when you reboot it.

For those who have not gotten an update to MIUI on their Redmi 2, just be patient and try to connect to a Wi-Fi network because during the process of downloading the latest ROM update is usually done via a Wi-Fi network instead of the mobile connection.

That's all about Complete Explanation To Update Xiaomi Redmi 2. If you have any question related to this question, you can leave comment bellow. If we are not busy, we will reply it as soon as possible.

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