Track Your Lost Android Smartphone With Android Device Manager

Track Your Lost Android Smartphone With Android Device Manager
AnyIndo – In this article we are going to share an article it is Track Your Lost Android Smartphone With Android Device Manager. None want their Android smartphone get lost or stolen by someone,but thi is something you can’t deny in the future. It’s okay if you can keep your Android smartphone always by your side because you love your Android martphone more than you love your boyfriend or girlfriend, but something happens in the future is not an easy thing you can guess.

If your smartphone is iPhone, you can track your iPhone easily but if your smartphone is Android you need this article to help you.

In this article we are going to discuss about one of the best application it is Android Device Manager. As its name, it has the function to manage your android device when it is lost by someone, your couple or even satan. This application is must be have because this can totally help you to track your lost android smartphone without you report this problem to the police.

For additional information,this application created by Google, yes a popular company in the world and none doesn’t know its company. Even you found this site through its website, Before you lost your Android smartphone you have to install this application on your Android smartphone because this won’t work after you lost it but you don’t install this application yet.

Someone told me that his friend stole his Sony Xperia Z3 but he can’t make sure which man stole it, then he tried to use android device manager to track his Xperia Z3, but unfortunately it didn’t work at all. Surely it won’t work because he has never installed it on his Xperia Z3 yet.

Its first fucntion is to keep your android smartphone of some possibilities, such as lost and stolen. If finally it is lost or stolen you can manage and track it like a remote control. So,before you lost your Android smartphone, we recommend this application for you.

There 3 functions of Android Device Manager:
  • Track and find your Android while it is connected on your Google account.
  • Lock your Lost android smartphone from far distance by set up new PIN or lockscreen.
  • Delete all data and file on your lost Android smartphone if you have many secret data such as picture, video, message etc. With this method you can delete and reset your smartphone so none can open your data and file (this is useful to delete your 3gp home made video if you are worried someone can broadcast your shame file, this is just a joking).
  • Ring your Android smartphone to make anyone who stole your phone become worry.
Android Device Manager - Download

How To Track your Android Smartphone via this Application:
  • Open chrome on your PC or laptop
  • Login with your Google account you logged in your Android Smartphone
  • Visit LINK
  • Browser will automatically show that it is connected with your Google account, and you can choose 3 options ring your android smartphone, lock its screen or delete the data and file

That’s all about Track Your Lost Android Smartphone With Android Device Manager, If you have any question related to this article you can leave comment bellow and will reply and answer it as soon as possible.

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