Rooting Oppo Find Piano Jelly Bean Without PC

Rooting Oppo Find Piano Jelly Bean Without PC
AnyIndo – In this article we are going to share an article its is How To Root Oppo Find Piano Without PC. There are many methods to root Android, but most people look for the fastest method to root their device. Usually the fastest method to root Android is a method which is without PC

Rooting causes void warranty
Though unroot can restore warranty, but in some cases they can’t get warranty.
Back up your data and file before root your device

Framaroot – Download

  • Download and install framaroot above
  • After it is installed, run it and choose “Install SuperSU”

  • Click exploit which its name “Boromir”

  • You will get a successful notification
  • Click “OK” at the successful notification and your Oppo Find Piano will reboot automatically
  • If there is no reboot process automatically, do it as manually
  • After you’re your Oppo Find Piano is on, check whether SuperSU installed on your device. If it is installed means your Oppo Find Piano has been rooted successfully
  • To make sure it once again,you can install “Root Checker” and check it via that application

To Unroot your Oppo Find Piano if one day you want to Unroot it, you can open SuperSu application and go to Settings after that choose Full Unroot

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