Installing Link2sd On Acer Liquid Z110

Installing Link2sd On Acer Liquid Z110 
AnyIndo – In this article we are going to share an article it is How To Install Link2sd On Acer Liquid Z110. We put 2 devices in one article because it can work well on those devices. There are many Acer Liquid Z110 And Acer Liquid Z120 users still do not get the simplest method to install Link2sd on their device.

Installing Link2sd make your device has bigger storage, because it can help you to set up its storage. After it is installed well, you can install many applications on your Acer Liquid without any doubt if it makes the storage full.

You don’t have to worry about that case, because in this occasion we come to guide you to install those devices. As you know install Link2sd on Acer Liquid Z110  isn’t easy, you have to pay attention, read, and follow the instruction carefully:

Rooted only

  • We have no any responsibility for any reason if you make any mistakes after you followthis tutorial. Fail, bootloop sometimes can caused because the user doesn’t follow the instruction correctly or they make a mistake
  • Do it with your own risk

Minitool Partition Wizard Phone Home - LINK
SD Card (Class 10) (we recommend to make it faster)
Link2sd - LINK

  • Delete SD Card partition, then choose Create

  • First partition, make sure fast32 and primary, set the size as you wish (with first partition)
  • Leave the second partition (you can make it 780 mb or more than this)
  • Do the same step for the second partition, we tried ext2 but it doesn’t support. So, you can use fast32 for this partition)
  • If you are sure, press or tap Apply

  • You will see like the picture bellow

  • If it is done, unplug SD Card > plug that SD Card on your Acer Liquid Z110 (we used this kinda device to be a victim).  And then you can install Link2 sd from Google Play Store.
  • Go to Google Play Store > it will ask permition to access Superuser > Just Allow
  • You will be asked to choose second partition > choose fast32 (depend on you created on MPWH once).
  • After it is completed, there will a warning or message like on the picture bellow
  • Turn off your Acer Liquid Z110 > unplug battery > plug battery > and turn on your device > open link2sd
  • Press menu button (on the right side your home > choose Storage Info . Make sure that in the second partition it’s read well

Finally you can install many applications on your Acer Liquid Z110 and Acer Liquid Z120 and you don’t have to worry if it make your storage full because you have set up space for the storage.

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