Flashing CWM/TWRP/STOCK Recovery Via ADB On Asus Padfone S

Flashing Recovery CWM/TWRP/STOCK Via ADB On Asus Padfone S
AnyIndo - In this article we are going to share an article it is How To Flashing CWM/TWRP/STOCK Recovery Via ADB On Asus PadFone S.  If you are Asus Padfone S user and read this article because you want to flash your Asus Padfone S, you may understand about the its definition. Flashing is a method to restore your device you you can access as the first,it is official device.

In this article we are not going to explain in detail about its definition because we have explained it in our other articles. So, we would like to focus to guide you how to flashing your Asus Padfone S. We admit assume anyone who read this article is ready and understand its definition. Let's try to flashing:

  • Go to Fastboot Menu vol up + power on (on the screen the only Asus logo)
  • Open Adb, and prepare recovery file twrp.img/cwm6.img/recovery.img (rename twrp.img/cwm6.img/recovery.img become recovery.img
  • Type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img then your device will restart automatically and back to fastboot mode
  • Press vol down + power on (cwm mode) to open recovery
adb file - Download
Recovery file - Download

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