3 Simple Methods To Overcome Bootloop On Android Devices

3 Simple Methods To Overcome Bootloop On Android Devices
AnyIndo - In this article we are going to share an article it is 3 Simple Methods To Overcome Bootloop On Android. Bootloop is a serious problem for Android user because this problem is really annoying. if bootloop is a human, I'm sure you would rather ask him to fight than fix this problem with his annoying things. Bootloop causes when you failed to mod your Android device such as rooting, installing custom, installing firmware so on, but in this moments you don't have to be worried because this article will guide you to overcome bootloop on your Android devices.

Although this doesn't work on some cases but you have the right to try this tutorial, because it doesn't cause or give more bad problem for your Android devices. Are you ready to follow this tutorial? let's check this out and follow the instruction carefully:

Turn Off Your Android Device
Just turn off your Android device, unplug simcard, unplug battery and and unplug your external memory for a while. This method to to make sure the battery doesn't give energy to to the motherboard. After you wait for a while, you may plug all what you have unplugged.

Go To Stock Recovery Mode 
Usually Android users call this "Stock recovery Mode", this can be done when your Android is off. Press combination button to make it go to recovery mode. Remember that each type of Android devices have different combination button to go to recovery mode. Specify this with your kind of Android device. You can find this keyword by typing "recovery mode" on Google and put your Android device after that words.

After you go to recovery mode, navigate volume button to appoint what you want to, choose Wipe data cache / Factory reset. This step makes your Android system backs to the initial setup and you lose all data and file in internal memory. That's why you have to back up data and file before you try this tutorial. After that reboot your system.

Go To Stock Recovery
If your you have ever rooted or flashed your Android device, just go to CWM recovery, it is:
  • Turn off your Android device and unplug its battery for a while.
  • Press combination button to go to CWM, specify this with kind of your Android device (each Android devices have different method).
  • If you are there, choose Wipe data / factory reset,  if it ask you to confirm the process, click Yes.
  • Navigate it via volume button and choose Advanced, and then choose Wipe Dalvik Cache, If there's notification to confirm just click Yes
  • After that find and press Mounts and storage, after that choose Format Data and Format cache. This method causes you lose your data and file. 
  • Done
That's all about 3 Simple Methods To Overcome Bootloop On Android Devies. After you follow this tutorial usually your Android will be normal as usually. If you have any question related to this tutorial, you can leave comment bellow. Don't forget to say thanks if this tutorial works on your Android device.

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