Swap External Becomes Internal Memory On Sony Xperia SP

AnyIndo - In this article we will share an article it is Swap External Becomes Internal Memory On Sony Xperia SP. For additional information, Sony Xperia SP released on 2013, April and announced on March. Because we're gonna discuss about Swap Memory On Sony Xperia SP we will focus to guide you how to swap memory. 

Sony Xperia SP has 8 GB internal memory but has 5.8 GB available for user, therefore if you have Xperia SP and you may think that you need more capacity on your Xperia SP you need to pay attention, read and follow our instruction carefully. Let's try this tutorial:

  • Your Sony Xperia SP must be rooted.
  • Download file above
  • Extract zip file
  • Openroot explorer app manager, copy extsd2internalsd_sp.txt file and move to /data
  • Open Script.Manager, and click browse root allow then OK
  • Find extsd2internalsd_sp file that is put on /data and press at some moments Open AS...  -> Script / executable
  • Click on Su icon, Boot and save
  • Press power, then turn off your device
  • Done
This is important, you need to format your Micro SD as "FAT32" (If it is formatted already,just let it be).

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