Rooting Smartfren Andromax G2 AD681H Via VRoot

AnyIndo – In this article we are going to share an article it is How To Root Smartfren Andromax G2 AD681H Via VRoot. Rooting is a method to make a device more easy to be messed up its hardware UI and more. If you are Smartfren Andromax G2 user and still not satisfied with your device, we would like to guide you to root your device easily as long as you are ready to read and follow the instruction carefully.

  • Please back up your data and file before you root your device because we do not know this method causes you lose your data and file
  • Remember that “Rooting’ cause you lose warranty of your device, just decide this if you are really do not mind to lose warranty
  • Do it with your own risk

What you need:
  • Pc or Laptop because this tutorial need PC / Laptop to execute your device
  • USB Cable (Smartfren Andromax G2)
  • Internet


  • Download and install VRoot 1.78 on your laptop
  • Run VRoot program on your laptop, plug USB cable to Andromax G2 and set it on USB debugging mode, make sure your laptop is connected on internet
  • If it is detected, click green button (in a part of USB driver download).
  • If it is installed properly, click once again on green button
  • Your Andromax G2 will restart automatically. In this session, rooting is not successful if it may has bootloop risk, this is what we want to say "anything you do is your own risk).
  • If your phone is already on, install Root Checker or Root Validator to check whether it is successful or not.
  • If appear notification to update superuser VRoot from Google Play Store, just skip. 
  • You can download SuperSU on Google Play Store
  • Uninstall Superuser app of VRoot ( It is written with blue icon with chinese language, in Drawer menu). If in the session you getting confused, you can put it in any because we can uninstall it via SuperSU
  • Activate SuperSU update binary, choose normal. If this fails, restart your device, it is press power and choose Reboot then try it again
  • Reboot your device, this to verify whether SuperSU installed or not
  • Try to check it via Root Checker
  • Finish

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