Installing CWM On Oppo Neo 5

Installing CWM On Oppo Neo 5

AnyIndo - In this article we are going to share an article it is Installing CWM On Oppo Neo 5. CWM is a shorten word of ClockWorkMod Recovery and usually it is has been customized with additional features that looks attractive and allows you to execute some processes such as installing custom ROM, back up, restore ROM and more that usually not available in standard mode.

There is a good news for Oppe Neo 5 users because we are bringing you a file to install CWM on your Oppo Neo 5 through this article. Let's follow read and follow the instruction carefully:

  • Internet (to download file)
  • Rooted 
  • Download  file above and then install MobileUncle & choose Update Recovery
  • Choose "cwm_recovery.img" then click yes, yes, and yes again
  • Finish
If you want to restore to Official Oppo Recovery you can use MobileUncle but on Update Recovery you must choose "stock_recovery.img". You can download the above it is "Stock_Recovery.img".


 CWM_Recovery.img -  Download

Stock_Recovery.img - Download

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