Fix Wifi Keeps Disconnecting On Asus Zenfone Series

AnyIndo – In this article we are going to share an article it is How To Fix Wifi Keeps Disconnecting On Asus Zenfone Series. This happens annoying when you are browsing on internet then the wifi keeps disconnecting.

For additional information and to make you understand, some Wifi routers support the only WPA, some routers support WPA and WPA2, and the others support the only WPA2. And this is the reason a problem Wifi keeps disconnecting on Asus Zenfone series, because WPA2 the just supports for some moments.

To fix this, you can change your Wifi security if it is WPA2, change it to be WPA only. This method is indeed easy:
  • Open your browser, then type default gateway URL to open your Wifi Settings. Each Wifi router has its default gateway includes its username and password. If you are still getting confused of this explanation, you can check it on Google for detail explanation
  • If it is openned, find the Security part, if it is WPA2, change it to be the only WPA or try WPA/WPA2
  • Enter your userename and password
  • Then save the change
  • Finish and enjoy new change
In some cases, if you browse internet by using PC or Laptop can not connected after you change the Settings. To fix this, 
  • Open Control Panel > Network & Connection > find your Wifi name > Remove > if you have removed it, add connection by submitting your new Wifi name, security choose WPA or WPA/WPA2 (adjust like your first router). Enter your username and password
  • Finish

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