Change Font On Android Via iFont

AnyIndo - In this article we are going to share an article it is Change Font On Android Via iFont. The advantage of android is powerful and you can customize its display and hardware. Android users have chance to customize its Android display at the beginning Settings until difficult processes such as UI, ROM, and more. Surely, in this article we will discuss about the ways to customize Android from basics until difficult level.

This article discusses how to change font on Android and there are many ways fonts which are used to change Android font. It is through Custom Recovery, add fonts on partition system, or just installing font software on its Android. The easy way surely is installing APK font to change font. But unfortunately, not all vendor provide this method to change the font, as example some devices which are launched by Samsung and LG. There is an option to set up it.

Back to APK font, usually some Android users use software to change their Android font. The most popular software they usually use is iFont.

You can get this free iFont on Play Store. Beside that, this software supports for some vendors such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, and Xiaomi.

How to use this iFont is indeed easy, after you download and install this software you can just Apply this software. Don’t worry if you want to restore your font as its official font, there is Restore option to restore it.

Are you ready to change your Android font?

iFont - LINK

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